Letter from John Lennon to Christine Marsh (designer) on the subject of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Transcendental Meditation – undated (1967-68)

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John Lennon's letter to Christine Marsh on the subject of Maharishi & Transcendental Meditation
written late1967-early1968

Dear Christians,
                            The only way to answer your questions is to meditate yourself and experience it – you can only find out so much by reading. A guru is a teacher – thats what the word means – he’s certainly a teacher. His idea of helping the world is to help everyone – its no good feeding people who are just going to be hungry again in a few months – the point is change the situation which causes starvation disease etc – the cause is people – governments politics-you-me – everything must be changed so that the less fortunate aren’t. Theres enough food etc for everyone in the world – so where is it? People destroy it for ‘economic reasons’…
                            I believe Maharishi wants publicity – why shouldn’t he? The only way to get a message over to everyone is to publicise it – that is the 20th century. If Jesus was here now don’t you think he’d be on T.V.?
                            You ask me to try God – thats what meditation is about – experiencing God. ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within’ said Jesus – and he meant within which is where the mantra takes your mind. Sure the system is scorned in India and elsewhere so is God so is everything scorned by someone or other – its doesn’t mean its bad does it?
                            Anyway as I said – try it – it won’t harm you – you do not have to be rich to do it – you do not have  to go to India to do it – you just DO IT.

With love
John Lennon

P.S. excuse paper I don’t seem to have anything else.

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