Vegetarianism and All Isms Through Spiritual 'Ism'

Address of His Holiness Maharishi Bal Brahmachari Mahesh Yogi delivered
at the 15th Session of the World Vegetarian Congress held at Madras
30 -11-1957


My own Self as Representative of East and West:

We are here today to find a solution for a complicated problem of existence, confronting the whole humanity of the civilised world - the problem of safety of life, of love, protection, peace and happiness: not only of individuals but of the whole creation and of nature too. All the creatures are sprung from God. Man is probably the polished son of God. And so unto him the great responsibility. Man must be sensible enough to look to the protection of life on earth, the precious property of the Great Father.

Vegetarianism is a direct means to this, is the claim of this World Vegetarian Congress. True it is. Accepted that Vegetarianism leads man for all Good. Accepting all values of Vegetarianism, the question arises how we are going to establish it. How are we going to change the 'killing world' of today into a non-killing world of tomorrow? How are we going to change the spirit of killing, the spirit of aggression, the spirit of violence into the spirit of kindness and love - overflowing love for the whole creation? How are we going to change hardness and cruelty of heart to softness and overflowing love for everybody?

Through platform speaking? No, it is not possible. Through outer suggestions? No, it is not possible. Through singing the values and glories of Vegetarianism into the ears of the non-vegetarians? No, because their ears may receive the message but the hardness of their heart will repel it. How then are we going to establish Vegetarianism? Suggestive knowledge - suggestions from outside do not much change the man. You have heard on this platform the experience of the President of the World Vegetarian Congress. They have experienced, speaking does not go a long way to change a man. All the great religions of the world have been speaking for it from the time immemorial - Eternal Vedas have been speaking of it, Holy Bible has been speaking of it, Holy Koran has been speaking of it, yet the killer kills. The killer knows that he is killing and in return he will be killed. The sinner knows that he is committing a sin and that he will be punished for it. Not that he does not know. He knows it. But, with this information, the cruel is not afraid - his cruelty is hardened still. The killer declares his action is the role of a saviour, he kills in the name of life, he kills in the name of saving life, he kills in the name of maintaining life. He kills and murders ruthlessly in the name of protections and peace. In the name of world peace and protection have been waged the deadliest of wars. In the name of peace and protection are preparations being made for the murder of man and creation. Shame to the greatness of the human intelligence which fails to recognise the Judge Supreme!

Our task of the day is to find a cure for this major ill of humanity. The heart of man is be changed. The inner man has to be transformed. If we want to establish real and good vegetarianism in the world we have to rise with a practical formula to transform the inner man.

My experience says the inner man is instantaneously transformed by a flash of Divine Experience. A direct experience of the Blissful nature of Soul, the inner man is completely transformed. The mind experiencing the Great Bliss feels satisfaction and this satisfaction of the mind results in right understanding and virtuous action, kindness, love and compassion for all. And here in this great assemblage of the eminent people of the world I declare that the experience of the Blissful Nature of the soul is not at all difficult. It is easy of attainment by one and all irrespective of caste, creed, or nationality. Without much elaborating the glories of Divine experience I invite you all to my Spiritual Development Camp at Mylapore to have direct experience of the Divine through simple, easy and effective methods of meditation which directly lead the mind to the glorious realm of the Divine. And with this experience the life of every man is transformed for all good. Not only will virtues dawn in us, but also the increase of vigour, energy, courage and confidence in life will be experienced. You will begin to enjoy innumerable advantages of concentrations and control of mind and efficiency in the field of action which will go to glorify all aspects of life - material, mental and spiritual. And then your world will be a better world. And then vegetarianism, rationalism, materialism, and even socialism or any other 'isms' of life will prove to be a useful 'ism' will be useful and successful 'ism' of life. Therefore my message is that -

If we want to establish real and good vegetarianism and if we want to live successfully any 'ism' of life - individual, social or national or international - it is first necessary to rise to Spiritualism and through Spiritualism we can successfully rise to an 'ism' according to our taste. All the 'isms' of life are good. But they become bad with the bad minds. Spiritualism trains the mind for all good. And so through Spiritualism can be lived any ism for all success in life. May be that you have been hearing till now that there are many pre-requisites for a spiritual life but I convey to you the message of the holy tradition of the Great Maharishi of India, I convey to you in the name of the spiritual master of India, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswathi Maharaj, the Illustrious in the galaxy of the Jagad Guru Sankaracharyas of India that it is easy to live spiritual life in the midst of all the material glories of the world. It is really easy to experience the Blissful Nature of the Divine through simple techniques of 'taking a dive within.' Just half an hour sitting in the morning and evening daily is quite sufficient to raise you up to the high pedestal of spiritual glories and at the same time increase your capacity of action in daily life. So there is key to lay open the gateway of all glory of life. You have come to India from far off countries with the message of vegetarianism. Now Mother India wants you to go with the joy of the Divine and the glorious message of Spiritualism, and that through spiritualism will be established real, good and lasting vegetarianism - which is the action of this World Congress.


Torch Divine Vol 1 No. 1 July 1958
pp 8-9


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