'Drops of Sermon Nectar'
Booklet of Quotations
- 30 Quotations of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanand Saraswati




'So long passion for attaining God is not firm you shall fly hither and thither, without knowing, like a kite.'


'Be a worldly man through body and wealth and contemplate Him (Paramatma) in your heart. Thus you shall shine in the world and attain summum bonum as well.'


'The God is Almighty. If you attain power through worshipping the Almighty, in accordance with scriptures, there would be nothing impossible in the world.'


'He alone is the Adored One who does not let any evil take place. He alone can make one free from all evils, for He alone is Almighty.'


'He is perfect in the entire creation. He saves those from every evil who depend wholeheartedly upon Him.'


'Keep in mind the instance of Prahlad. Wherever Prahlad was taken to he was saved by his Adored One. Hence make yourself immune from every evil by making Him your Adored One.'


'Lord Vishnu, Shankar, Devi, Surya and Ganesh, each of these five deities, are equally capable of doing good to their devotees. One should make one of them one's favourite and should visualize him pervading throughout the creation.'


'He alone is the best devotee who sees his Adored One everywhere. For the devotee of Vishnu the Lord is omnipresent. He should see Lord Vishnu even in the images of Shankar, Devi, Ganesh and Surya etc. Likewise a devotee of Shankar, Devi etc. should visualize his Adored One omnipresent.'


'If a worshipper of Devi does not see her in the images of Vishnu and Shankar etc. this would imply that he is doubting the omnipresence of his Adored One. Such a devotee who sees his Adored One partially remains imperfect.'


'He who causes strife and envy among different schools and philosophies is but an outcome of not seeing his Adored One omnipresent.'


'Only through karma worship and enlightenment, as put in the Vedas -- His Canons -- can one have welfare in this and other world.'


'Deeds done with right, propriety, and God-given wisdom are powerful. Laws of karma are to be learned from the Vedas and religious preachers.'


'The world has to undergo disquietitude, maladministration, and natural calamities when deeds forbidden in scriptures take place and the subjects are afflicted.'


'By not observing duty toward one's self one is afflicted by the advent of such internal enemies as lust, anger, greed, arrogance and ignorance etc.'


'Pure satwik diet develops mind and controls the senses. He who has won his senses there is nothing impossible in the world.'


'Progress of a nation is possible only by righteous persons possessing God-given endowments.'


'The divine strength is to be accomplished to make a nation powerful. Subtle divine authority is the regulator of the concrete universe. Without its help neither can a nation become powerful nor peace and prosperity can be felt.'


'One should always keep one's glory shining and should elevate one's thought and make it generous in accordance with the scriptures. One should see one's Adored One omnipresent and perfect.
The devotee remains incomplete if he sees his Adored One in unentirety with sectarian view.'


'One should be happy when seeing reverence evoking feeling in gurus, compassion toward afflicted and rise of others and having mutual goodwill one should devote oneself whole-heartedly toward universal welfare by being sincere to one's self.'


'If you devote yourself contemplating, worshipping and singing in praise of your Adored One you ought to feel something or other and your desire ought to be more steady. If it is not so, be sure your devotion is not of right kind.'


'There are classes of devotion, too. As the syllabi of pupils in schools become subtle gradually, likewise the path of devotion unto the ultimate end becomes continuously subtler.'


'As the devotee makes progress in devotion need of subtler devices increases and a veteran guru alone can show the real path.
If fortunately one gets a noble guru well versed in the Vedas and having deep knowledge of Brahman and receives his cooperation till end, only one guru makes one's life meaningful. Otherwise so long the devotee does not attain God he should gradually go in the protection of great gurus. One must revere previous gurus, but if they are not helping in spiritual attainment wasting life by depending upon them out of hesitation is a grave error.'


'Perceiving omnipresence of the Adored One alone can eliminate the discord of all opposing feelings. This very thing is the firm basis of permanent formation. And this also is the means of permanent peace in this world and the other.'


'Pleasure and pain are results of one's own deeds. One should bear them calmly for they are one's own belongings. One has to welcome one's relatives even if he is wicked.'


'If sorrow comes take lesson from it and be cautious in future, so as not to perform any forbidden deed which may cause suffering.'


'There is a tenet of Ayurveda that sins of previous life appear in the shape of different afflictions, i.e. physical diseases. They are cured by medicine, chanting of some particular mantra, havana and worshipping Him. Hence when a disease is not cured by medicine other remedies, too, should be tried.'


'Learning the kind of worship from a deserving veteran guru one should devote one self to one's Adored One while performing the duties of one's caste and age.'


'Devotional song is sung in four voices namely baikhari, madyama, pashyanti and para. These days devotional songs are sung in baikhari voice with the help of playing kartal (small cymbals or wooden clappers) and sistrum (resonant percussive device).
Singers of such songs should not spend their whole life in singing in baikhari voice. They should try to produce the other three kinds of voices with the help of veteran gurus.
The same applies to chanting of mantras too. Chanting of mantras has several stages. Contemplation too are of many kinds such as internal-external, concrete, subtle and ultra subtle. Hence devotee should keep searching great veteran gurus.'


'Noble gurus determine the kind of worship for the pupil keeping in view place, time, condition, strength, temperament and circumstance etc. and he enables him to proceed further on the path of devotion.'


'Human body is attained with great difficulties.
Being born in human species is the only way out of the prison of birth and death. If one misses this opportunity out of negligence, lethargy and hesitation one is bound to undergo, forever, the plight of birth and death.
Hence rise, awake, attain eternal peace and bliss by being in contact with the best of mankind.'


- Guru Dev -
Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati


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