Birthdate of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanand Saraswati

It is written that on Thursday, 21 December 1871 (Vikram Samvat 1928, Marg Shirsh Shukla Dasmi) in the village of Gana close to Ayodhya, Rajaram Mishra was born. After leaving home he stayed in his guru's ashram where he was known as Brahmachari Brahma Chaitanya. Later, in 1904 at the age of thirty-three years old, his guru initiated him as a sannyasi and gave him the name of Swami Brahmanand Saraswati. Much later, in April 1941, the title of Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math was conferred upon him.



In the Hindi biography of Guru Dev (Shri Jyotishpeethaddharaka by Shri Rameshwar Tiwari, published 1965) Guru Dev's birthdate is given as 'maargashiirshha shukla dashamii, vikrama samvat 1928' i.e. Margashirsha 10th 1928, whilst the Western calendar date was then calculated to be 'December 21, 1870'.
Additionally, in '
Our Guiding Light'*, a profile of Guru Dev included in a book entitled 'The Beacon Light of the Himalayas', published 1955, it is stated by Bala Brahmachari Mahesh, later known as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:-
'He was born on Margashirsh Shukla 10 Samvat 1928 (equivalent to December 1871)'.

It is generally accepted that there is a difference of fifty-six / fifty-seven years between the Vikram and Gregorian calendars. Checking with the computer program Calendar Magic, the given Vikrami date of Margashirsh Shukla 10 Samvat 1928 is shown to correspond to Thursday 21st December 1871 in the Gregorian calendar.

* It is noted that in a revised and re-published text edition of 'Our Guiding Light' a birth date of 20th December 1868 is offered. However, this date would convert to Sunday Pausha 6th 1925 in the Vikrami calendar - a day and date hitherto unmentioned in connection with Guru Dev's birth.



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