The Maharishi
The Biography of the Man
Who Gave Transcendental Meditation
to the World

Paul Mason

320 pages + 16 pages of black and white illustrations.
Royal size paperback (234mm x 156mm),
ISBN 0-9550361-0-0

PART I: The Spirit and the Flesh
1. Mahesh and His Master
2. Himalayan Hermitage
3 'The Maharishi' Emerges
4. From Hawaii to Hollywood
5. The Divine Plan, God and Suffering
6. Talking Book
7. The One and the Many
8. Flower Power

9. Time for a Song
10. The Blessing of the Beatles (click to view pdf)
11. Indian Summer
12. Retirement Party
13. The Comeback Tour

PART II: Maharishi Upanishad
- An Audience with the Maharishi

14. Evolution to Immortality
15. Celestial Connections
16. Those Who Speak Don't Know
17. Water the Root and Enjoy the Fruit
18. Free Will Over Destiny

PART III: The Enlightenment Business
19. Nothing But The Sweet Truth
20. Research and Developments
21 Dawning of a New Age
22. Superpowers
23 Quest for Utopia
24 At the Hop
25 Corporate Structure


A selection of reviews

"An honest warts-and-all account of the Indian guru who brought TM to the West... Whether Maharishi is Deity Incarnate, a brilliant teacher now well past his prime, or a Hindu monk who was swayed by capitalism, Paul Mason's biography is well-written, well-researched and well-rounded."
- I to I.

"Paul Mason, though he has practised TM himself, is no unquestioning worshipper."
- Gerald Kaufman MP, Manchester Evening News

'.... will tell you what happened with The Beatles and the Maharishi .... actually the best story ever written about this period and subject, although it's not focussed on The Beatles.'
- Beatles Unlimited Magazine

"A rational look at TM. There are many books written by those in the TM movement that are biased with all kinds of claims, from unbelievable health benefits to flying! This book is a very balanced account of Transcendental Meditation."
- reviewer, awarding it five stars.

"There is a moral here about how attempts to build heaven on earth all too often end up looking like business opportunities. But the Maharishi always had a winning smile"
- Mick Brown, Daily Telegraph.

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