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Mervyn Johnston

Mervyn Johnston, a comics writer and artist from Belfast, who owns to having been initially influenced by Leo Baxendale. Mervyn apparently started his career at Ximoc in the early 1980's, and has since produced work for various publishers including D C Thompson for whom from 1986 he contributed 'Potty Inventions' forThe Topper, and 'The Bad Ladds' for the The Beezer. Working for Whizzer and Chips Mervyn worked on 'The Bumpkin Billionaires', and from 1990-8 he produced 'Crazy Characters' for Buster. He was also heavily involved in the finance and production of a short-running original comic called Fizog which was launched in December 1994, with the Baxendale influence he mentions clearly visible in his 'Johnny Lightfingers' strip. He has since worked for TOXIC  producing material for the jokes page for several years, and is said to currently be working drawing 'Pig Brother for TOXIC.

An artwork for a 1990's jokes page ofTOXIC
- Mervyn Johnston -

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