Sometimes it's good to share one's experience
- Paul Mason



Depression appears to be the ultimate unwanted guest. Interestingly, it only seems to go where it can stay unobserved.

So try this..
witness the sensation of depression as it arrives. Announce (within yourself) that you are an unwilling host to depression. Be observant, witness the depression until the time it goes, witness its going (& celebrate).

Keep doing this whenever depression reoccurs.


I tried this method over forty years ago. First of all I noticed the periods of depression would last for days at a time, then I began to notice the periods would sometimes be a bit less. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but before too long the periods of depression were no longer lasting days. It was now about counting hours. The hours suffering the visitation of depression were long, far too long. But I kept vigilant, kept watching. Before long it had become a matter of monitoring minutes of depression, until the time measured became much much less as there were just the occasional splashes of grey emptiness. Eventually depression didn't visit at all and it has remained that way.

I hope this is of help to you.

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